Medini Cosmetic Surgery Case Study

My Name is Hari and I have written this Case Study for Medini Cosmetic Surgery - One of our clients we worked on WordPress Development and Digital Marketing Service.
This Case Study helps to know about Digital Marketing Service provided by Brolly Agency for Medini Cosmetic Surgery. We Covered Services like Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Social media Marketing and Google Ads to build brand and generate organic and paid traffic as per client requirement.

About Medini Cosmetic Surgery

Medini Cosmetic Surgery led by Dr M Shridharan an expert cosmetic Surgeon in Hyderabad. They provide Services like Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Lip Reduction Surgery, Chin Augmentation, Cheek Augmentation, Fat Grafting Surgery, Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty, Surgery for large and sagging breasts, and breast implants, surgery of male breasts, and more.
Dr M Shridharan provides 100% Safe and Secure treatment for patients as per their desire with suggestions.

Medini Cosmetic Surgery Details

Medini Cosmetic Surgery Founder Dr M Shridharan contacted us for a Digital Marketing Service in Mid of Year 2021 for Digital Marketing Training and Digital Marketing Services.

Business Name 

Medini Cosmetic Surgery Center 


Dr M Shridharan an Expert Plastic Surgeon


Health Care


22+ Years as Cosmetic Surgeon 


KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Main Objectives

  • WordPress Website – Make more User friendly website
  • Focus on traffic generation from Search Engine Optimization. 
  • Focus on meta ads targeting leads with detailed demographics and also focus on social media optimization. 
  • Focus Text ads with keywords for specific surgery pages and demographic as per requirement.
  • Work on Local SEO which helps to generate organic traffic and Leads.

Specific Outcomes Desired by the Client

  • Build a Good Quality website and user friendly UI Design.
  • Build Content for each Surgery page and Implement with keyword targeting.
  • Plan Surgery pages with keywords for each – rank them on 8 – 12 months with SEO. 
  • Generate Leads with Meta ads for each surgery with detailed demographics.
  • Plan Text ads for surgery as per requirement with detailed targeting and keywords with ads budget.

Strategic Approach and Plan for Achieving Client Goals

We conducted a Cosmetic Surgery business analysis and strategic implementation of Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google ads.

Website Development

We Started with Re-designing Medini Cosmetic Surgery website with content relevant for each page and keywords. Our aim is to generate traffic and Leads to website, so we plan content accordingly.
Medini Hero
We Created with Medini Cosmetic Surgery Surgery Pages, Surgery Before and After, Blog Pages. It helps users to get required information on Medini Cosmetic Surgery.
We worked on Building websites with themes and plugins with implementation of design work for each page as per required. Worked on building a user friendly Website in multiple devices. Also integrated whatsapp button and popup forms which helps to collect visitor data to call back.

Content Strategies

Content plays a Major role, we analyzed content for each page with keywords. Planned Content for each page with relevant keywords which helps search engines to understand, rank for user friendly keywords.
Target Non AI Generated content will plagiarism check we will move forward to upload on the website. This helps avoid being penalized from core updates and also from Spam.
We focus on creating Quality and genuine content avoiding ai generated and Plagiarism which helps to rank quickly.

Medini Cosmetic Surgery - Digital Marketing Strategies

Dr M Shridharan contacted us with no idea on Digital Marketing and how it will be useful for Business growth with a strategy to learn and implement ideas on his own website and he also took Digital Marketing Services from Us.
Here we started with Website development with SEO Tech

Search Engine Optimization

As per client requirement we listed services provided by Medini Cosmetic Surgery. We Started with Whitehat SEO Techniques implementation related to Content with On page Optimization techniques.
We have added content for each page with relevant keywords after keyword research and Images. After On-Page Optimization, indexed website urls to get urls on Search Engine. Prallely worked on Off Page Optimization building High Quality links. The Results were as expected as keywords in Top ten Positions and Top Twenty Positions. Clients used to get leads from websites.
Suddenly during November 2022, We faced an odd phase with the Website. It got hacked and got around 3.6 Lakhs of Spam URLs on Website i.e for Homepage.
We have Started working Clearing Spam Urls to Domain. After a lot of effort and Time – We removed Spam URLs and Got Stable. At one Stage Client lost hope in the domain Spam Recovery.
Medini Organic Traffic
We didn’t let it go! Now spam urls Came Down to 3k – still continuing to remove all.
Medini Performance
Above Result shows Comparison report for 28 days of 2024 Month and 28 days in 2023. During 2022 Ending- Website got hacked. After That with a lot of enhancement, the site got into Live and Improved Ranking. We are continuing work to get better results.

Social Media Marketing

Based on Client requirements, we started analyzing social media competitor profiles and their ads. We have created a demographic with a targeted audience for the client and planned ads. We have worked on Social Media ads for individual Surgery promotions with target audience demographics like Ads budget, Targeted Location, Gender and age with interests. We had a good reach with social media ads on Facebook and Instagram ads mainly.

Google Ads

As per requirement analyzed text ads demographics as per client requirement for a detailed targeting with an location, age group, Gender, Keywords with search volume relevant to specific ads. We have launched text ads for each surgery as per client requirement with targeting the Hyderabad location. During the hard time of website spam in mid of 2022 these Google Ads helped to generate leads for business.

Local SEO - Google My Business

Medini Cosmetic Surgery located KPHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. We worked on Google Business Card optimization to generate organic traffic and rank for keywords.
Medini Performance


Our main aim is to generate organic leads for Business with SEO, Social Media, Local SEO. We also focused on Social Media ads and Google Ads for Business Promotion.
We focused on both generating organic and non organic traffic with SEO, SEM, SMM, SME and Local SEO. Long term goal for generating organic traffic without ads budget which helps to get leads in Longer duration without ads budget.
Medini CTR
Experience on Medini Cosmetic Surgery website got us to improve our skills on SEO, how to kick back organic traffic for a Spammed website. During website initial Stage – we used to get traffic, after that when we got spammed, we came up with a strategy to clear up all spammed data and build its brand. We have the right strategy to build its brand back. Getting organic traffic as expected and trying to improve for more keywords which helps to generate more traffic and leads for Business.
For a Healthy Industry Business – Digital Marketing services helps to get organic traffic and book Doctor Consultation. Here we help to rank their business top position with Local SEO, SEO, Youtube SEO and Also with ads.